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Beyond the Basics

You can create some really cool effects by combining different types of silicone in the same sex toy.

One design that does this on this site is the Alien Oral Violator, a squirting alien dildo designed for maximum oral violation. The shaft is made of normal hard silicone, while the tip is made of very soft, squishy silicone.

Combining different silicone is as simple as mixing one type of silicone, pouring it into a mold to fill it partway, mixing a different grade of silicone, and pouring it to fill the mold the rest of the way. For example, if you like the tentacle panel gag but feel like it isn't intrusive enough, you can fill the mold right to the edge of the panel with soft silicone, then fill the panel with firmer silicone, for an extra-squishy tentacle intrusion feel.

Coloring Techniques

Tips and tricks for creating sex toys with banded, marbled, swirled, and striped color effects and more!

Mold Finishing

Smoothing 3D printed molds to create more refined surface textures and finishes on your sex toys.

Mixing Hardness

Combining different grades of silicone in different parts of the same sex toy for interesting effects.


Cum Tubes

Buy and download mold models here, ready to 3D print!

Hybrid Molds

Buy and download mold models here, ready to 3D print!


Buy and download mold models here, ready to 3D print!


All About Silicone

Download - Print - Pour - Enjoy

Silicone comes in two basic varieties, tin-cure and platinum-cure. Tin-cure silicone is the type used for things like silicone caulk. It's cheaper than platinum-cure, but it produces chemicals such as acetic acid as it cures that aren't safe for use on mucous membranes.

Platinum-cure silicone is biologically inert, and safe for use in food products and medical devices. High-quality sex toys are made from platinum-cure silicone. When you shop for silicone, make certain you get platinum-cure silicone.

Using colorants: Silicone can be dyed, pigmented, or colored with cosmetics coloring or acrylic powder. Of course, if you use a coloring material that isn't body-safe, the toy you make might not be body-safe either even if you use platinum-cure silicone.

The cheapest, most versatile pigments I've found are the mica pigments used to color soaps and cosmetics. They're easy to find, they come in a wide range of colors, and they are non-toxic and body-safe.



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