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Part 1: Basic Silicone Casting

The basics of do-it-yourself silicone sex toys are simple: 3D print a mold for a sex toy, mix up silicone, pour it into the mold, let it cure, and there you go!

This page will talk about the most simple, straightforward way to make your own silicone sex toy from a D printed mold. On the next page, we'll talk about how to give your sex toy some color, and on the pages after that, we'll talk about some advanced techniques for making sex toys quite different from anything you'll find in a store.    

Simple Sex Toy Creation

Download - Print - Pour - Enjoy

The basics of do-it-yourself silicone sex toys are simple: 3D print a mold for a sex toy, mix up silicone, pour it into the mold, let it cure, and there you go!

To use the 3D printed sex toy molds on this site, you'll need to print them on a 3D printer, then pour silicone into the printed mold, add coloring to the silicone if you like, and once it cures, you'll have a new sex toy.

There are a lot of ways to customize and personalize your toy, which I'll get into. But the basics are straightforward: print, mix, pour, done. 


Print the mold. You can use pretty much any 3D printer large enough to produce the mold. I print with PLA, using the following settings:

  • Layer height: .12 mm
  • Wall Line Count: 3
  • Infill: Gyroid (This offers excellent 3d stiffness, but does increase print time)
  • Infill Density: 14
  • Top layers: 8
  • Bottom layers: 8

Once finished, you can optionally smooth, seal, or coat the inside of the mold to create a smooth finish in the sex toy. More on that in the Asvanced section.

If you want to get casting quickly, you don't have to do any finishing on the mold; you can use it straight off the printer. However, keep in mind the ridges in the mold will create ridges in the finished toy that can trap bacteria. You can easily clean and sanitize silicone sex toys by boiling them.


Mix your silicone. You can do this in any clean container; I find disposable plastic cups are pretty much perfect.

Dragon Skin silicone comes in two parts, one in a blue container and one in a yellow container. Mix it 50:50 blue and yellow by weight or volume. Use two blunt 60ml syringes, one for each part, to draw out the same volume of the blue and yellow parts and mix them in your container.

VERY IMPORTANT: Mix the silicone thoroughly! Make sure you scrape the sides and the entire bottom of your container frequently. Unmixed silicone will create gooey, sticky bits in your finished sex toy that never cure properly.

If you like, you can add color to your silicone when you mix it. I'll talk about that in the Advanced section.

If you want a more attractive finish free from tiny bubbles, you can degas the silicone before you pour it. I'll talk about that in the Advanced section, too. These steps aren't necessary, but they'll make a much prettier result!


Clamp the mold together with C clamps and pour the silicone into the mold. Try to do this smoothly and evenly, without letting the mold get air trapped in it.

Silicone will typically be cured completely in 6-8 hours. Once it cures, you can use a chisel or a butter knife to pry the mold apart. NOTE: Don't put your chisel or knife into the gap and then twist, or you'll risk damaging the mold. Instead, work it back and forth, gently prying the mold apart. You can use a mold release agent to coat the mold to prevent the silicone from sticking, though with PLA molds the silicone doesn't stick much anyway.


And there it is, your first hand-cast sex toy!

Of course, this looks rather plain. Adding color and surface finishing will give you something that looks a lot nicer. But this is a great way to practice printing your mold and mixing and pouring your first sex toy.

You can use cuticle scissors to trim the flash away from the toy. Stretch the flash and clip carefully along the seam where the flash meets the toy.

CARE AND FEEDING: Silicone sex toys made this way with platinum-cure silicone are hypo-allergenic and body-safe. You can clean and sanitize the toy by putting it in boiling water, or using any sex toy cleaner on it. Use water or oil based lube, but avoid silicone-based lube unless you test it first on a discarded bit of silicone; some silicone-based lubes can attack silicone sex toys.

warning triangle

Use only body-safe platinum-cure silicone!
Cheaper "tin-cure" silicone is not body-safe, and produces acetic acid as it cures. Only use platinum-cure silicone for sex toys!

warning triangle

When you mix the silicone, be sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the container thoroughly. Unmixed silicone will create wet voids in the finished sex toy that never cure.

warning triangle

Clean toys thoroughly prior to use if you use spray mold release agent. Most toys will work fine without a mold release agent (unless you smooth the mold with 3D print smoothing epoxy; silicone will stick tenaciously to the epoxy, so if you smooth your mold this way you must use a mold release).

What You’ll Need

  • A 3D printer able to print the mold. I use a Creality Ender 3 for most of my printing; anything like that works. No need to get fancy with the plastic; cheap PLA works fine. (I use 3D Solutech PLA filament)
  • Shore hardness 20 silicone for the body (I recommend Smooth-On Dragon Skin 20)
  • 60ml syringe with blunt tip for measuring the silicone
  • A container to mix the silicone (plastic Solo cups work well)



By downloading mold files from this site, you agree to the following terms:

The mold files and sex toy designs are protected by copyright. You may use the files to print a mold on a 3D printer. You may use the molds to cast sex toys for your own personal use, You may not:

  • Sell, give away, or otherwise transfer the mold files to anyone else
  • Use the molds to make sex toys for sale to others
  • Use the molds to make sex toys to give away to others in combination with sale of another product
  • Reverse engineer the sex toy designs for sale, or to create derivative molds or designs for sale
Basically, don't be a dick. Don't try to make money from the work I did. If you like these designs and you want to sell them or adapt them for sale, contact me! We'll work something out.