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Tentacle Panel Gag

Some people want oral tentacle invasion, but prefer a panel gag to a ball gag. Don't worry, we have you covered! The tentacle keeps your mouth occupied, while an optional squirting feature allows that naughty tentacle to squirt profusely into your mouth, for extra-authentic hentai action.

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Download - Print - Pour - Enjoy


This is an easy toy with several available options. Pouring the silicone is quite easy; the strap is the hardest part.

There are three parts to making this sex toy:

  1. Casting the silicone
  2. (Optional) The cum tube and syringe to make the gag ejaculate
  3. The head strap to hold the gag in place

In addition, you can optionally make the tentacle from a softer grade of silicone, if you like. This changes the way the tentacle feels in your mouth. Using a softer grade of silicone for the tentacle itself creates a squishier, more "organic" feel for the tentacle.



This mold includes a version of the model for a cum tube

You will find two sets of 3D printable molds with this toy. If you would like to make a version of this toy with a cum tube so it can be made to ejaculate, see the tutorial for cum tubes.

Note: This model is designed for a 3mm inside diameter/5mm outside diameter silicone cum tube.


Printing the mold:

Make sure to print the mold with the open side of the mold facing upward. Print the mold with supports, then carefully remove the supports under the pin in the tip of the mold (for the cum tube version) and the prongs for the slots for the strap. I've found the easiest way to do this is to cut the supports with a utility knife, then carefully lift out the support from one corner with the tip of the knife.

If you are printing the version with the cum tube: After printing, carefully remove the supports under the cum tube pin with a sharp utility knife or XActo knife.

Assemble and clamp the mold.

For extra authentic hentai feel:

Mix and pour soft (Shore hardness 00-20) silicone, then fill the mold to the bottom of the panel. Then mix and pour a layer of Shore hardness 20 silicone over the top of that, from the bottom of the panel to the top of the panel. This makes a gag with a soft, squishy tentacle, for that additional biological horror.


Making the strap:

The strap is made from 1: wide nylon webbing, riveted to a pair of D-rings as a slip fastener.

Start by cutting the strap to the length you want it (plus about a foot or so because you can always cut it shorter once you've finished but you can't cut it longer!). Use a lighter to melt the cut ends of the strap so it doesn't fray.

Loop one end over two of the D-rings. Use the punch with the grommet kit to punch a hole, then use the grommet and the hammer to grommet the rings in place.

Slip the strap through the slots on the gag. Note: If you made the squirting tentacle version with the cum tube, position the strap where you want it to be, then mark the place where the cum tube leaves the gag. Remove the strap, punch a hole where the tube will pass, and melt the edges of the hole with a lighter. Then thread the tube through the hole and re-thread the strap through the slot in the gag as you pull the tube through.


What You’ll Need

For the optional cum tube:

For the strap:



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