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Twist and Shout

This smooth, thick dildo features four rows of super-soft, squishy silicone nubs for extra sensation, and an easy-to-grip handle on the base so you can spin it for even more delightful fun!

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This is a moderately challenging 4-part mold that is cast in two steps. First, the nubs are filled with soft silicone; then, after the silicone sets, the body is poured.

Printing: I recommend printing the four segments of the mold vertically, base down and the top of the mold up. The nubs are small enough you should be able to print the model without supports (printing with supports can make removing the supports from the nubs quite challenging).

This model can be a little challenging to print. If you encounter problems printing, make sure your print cooling is set to maximum when you slice the model. If you still have trouble, print with supports, then carefully cut the supports out of each section with an XActo knife.

Pouring: This sex toy is cast in two stages, the nubs first and then the body of the toy.

Cast the nubs with the four mold segments disassembled and lying horizontally on your work surface. Mix some soft silicone (Shore hardness 00-20), color it, vacuum it, and then ouur it into a small syringe with a blunt needle.

Using the needle, carefully fill each nub right to the top.

Allow the silicone to dry, then assemble the mold and stand it bottom-up on your workbench. (If you have difficulty clamping the mold, use non-latex rubber bands to hold it together.) Note that the mold is keyed so that it only assembles one way!

Mix, color, and vacuum some firm silicone (I use Dragon Skin-20, which is Shore hardness 20). Carefully pour it through the large hole in the base of the mold, which will become the handle you can use to turn the dildo.

Keep pouring smoothly and carefully until silicone reaches the top of all four holes. Tilt the mold to make sure there are no air bubbles trapped against the base of the toy.

Let the silicone cure. Once the silicone is hard, open the mold. Using a razor blade or XActo knife, carefully slice off the three smaller prongs on the base of the dildo (they're there to allow air to escape from the mold and prevent bubbles when you're pouring).


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