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Tentacle Stroker Masturbation Sleeve

Made of thick, soft, flexible silicone for a tight grip, this tentacle masturbation sleeve is lined with suckers on the inside to stroke and slurp your shaft. Because why shouldn't people with penises get in on the tentacle violation fun too, right?

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    This is a moderately challenging 3-part mold consisting of an outer body and an insert that forms the opening. Clamp the two halves of the body together, fit the insert, and pour with the open side up.

  • I recommend printing this model so that it stands upright. This creates a flat, smooth base, and it means you can print the model without using supports.
  • Assemble the mold around the central stem. Clamp the mold (if it tries to slide apart, use non-latex rubber bands to help).
  • Mix, color, vacuum, and pour soft silicone (Shore hardness 00-20 or softer).

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