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Tentacle Butt Plug

One of the first toys I designed. This tentacular anal invader went through eight design revisions to make it feel as violating as inhumanly possible. The suchers on the stem and the subtle curve combine to make sure you can't forget you're wearing it...because if an alien tentacle is violating your butt, it should feel like a violation!

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Download - Print - Pour - Enjoy

This is a simple 2-part mold with optional cum tube to make a tentacle butt plug that squirts. The non-squirting version is extremely simple to make; the squirting version is only a little bit more challenging.


If you want a squirting cum tube in your tentacle butt plug:

Print the "Cum tube" version of the model. This version of the model has a pin inside the mold at the tip of the tentacle you can slip a silicone tube over before you print the model.

Printing the mold:

Make sure to print the mold with the open side of the mold facing upward. If you're printing the cum tube version, print the mold with supports, then carefully remove the supports under the pin in the tip of the mold for the cum tube version with an XActo knife.

If you're making the cum tube version:

Before you assemble the mold, slip the end of a 3mm inside diameter food-grade silicone tube over the end of the pin in the tip of the mold. Note: Only slip enough of the tube over the pin to hold the tube securely. Don't push the tube all the way up to the end of the mold!

Assemble and clamp the mold.

Cut the tube as long as you'd like it to be, then press the other end of the tube over a 10-gauge Luer-lock blunt needle. Fit the Luer lock into a Luer syringe.

Mix, color, vacuum, and pour the silicone. Note: If you're making the cum tube version, make sure the cum tube extends from the center of the opening in the mold. You can place pencils across the top of the mold to hold the tube in place while the silicone cures.

What You’ll Need

For the optional cum tube:



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