• Xenomorph Hiphugger Strapon

Experience the joys (or horrors!) of being parasitized by this xenomorph hiphugger, waiting to take control of you and compel you to insert your ovipositor into some willing victim. The Xenomorph Hiphugger Strapon that went viral on the Internet when I first started prototyping it is now available in (very) limited quantities!

This thing is immense, with a fifteen-inch leg span. The tail has an insertable tail that's about 6" long and 1.25" wide at its widest point, and includes a 100ml reservoir for all your alien slime needs.

This fearsome sex toy took me more than two years and nine iterations to design. Each one is hand-crafted from medical-grade, platinum-cured silicone, and each individual hiphugger takes about three days to pour. Because they're all hand-crafted, each one is slightly different from all the others.

How it works:

I will, for the foreseeable future, make only one of these per month. They're strictly first come, first served. When you order, I will email you to specify what color you'd like it to be (I can make it nearly any solid color you can imagine), then I'll start to work on your hiphugger. Since they're so fussy and labor-intensive to make, your hiphugger will probably ship 2-3 weeks after you order. If the store count shows zero in stock, I've sold that month's hiphugger!


Yes, I can ship internationally.

What it includes:

Handmade Xenomorph Hiphugger Strapon, made of body-safe, hypo-allergenic silicone, with integrated harness and giant 100ml syringe.

Xenomorph Hiphugger Strapon

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